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Volunteer Information for the 04 Jun 2011 Fly-In at Brunswick Executive Airport

This is an attempt to consolidate information useful to volunteers for the Fly-In.

If there is additional information/questions that should be here, please send to Dj Merrill via the mailing list at brunswick-flyin --at--

Please note you need to replace the "--at--" with "@" for the email addresses.

Contact Information

If you are interested in volunteering at the Fly-In, please contact

Melissa Lacasse, 207-607-4191,

Individual Contact Information:

EAA Chapter 87 - Charlie Gabelmann, 207-443-3287,

Aircraft Judging - Leo LeClair, 207-782-4526,

EAA Static Display Area - Tom Muller, 207-212-9184,

CAP (Civil Air Patrol) - Major Donald Godfrey, 207-838-0696,

FlightLevel Aviation (FBO at Brunswick) - 207-406-2081

Fly-In Mailing List address for Volunteer coordination - brunswick-flyin --at--

Aircraft Judging

Aircraft Judging information can be found on this page.

EAA Display Area

EAA Display Area information can be found on this page.

Volunteer Schedule

When do we need to be there on 04 June? (Start and End time)

When (how early, dates and times) are we allowed to bring in airplanes, tables, etc for the static displays?

We have been asked to have everything taken out by Sunday night but just ask Melissa if an extension is needed.

Melissa is asking for volunteers to help with set-up on Friday 03 Jun 2011 (setting up folding tables, chairs, putting out signs, logistics, etc...)

Static Display Information

List of who is bringing airplanes and other static displays, tables, etc.

Airport Information

Fill in Driving directions here

Fill in pilot info here (traffic patterns, ground ops once landed, etc). We should probably have someone on 122.725 to at least offer a preferred runway. We will have someone on 123.45 on the ground to assist with taxi instructions, parking, etc.

Air frequency 122.725

Ground Frequency 123.45

Airport Guide for Pilots: Media:BXM_Airport_Guide.pdf

Layout of Hangar and Ramp Space


Picture of Hangar layout here