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Grand Opening of the Brunswick Executive Airport (KBXM), 02 April 2011

We are sad to see the Navy leave, but are very excited at having a new General Aviation airport! Tom Muller, RV9A, First Experimental to land at the new Brunswick Executive Airport Dj Merrill, Glastar, Dj isn't hiding, just trying to stop the 30kt winds from stealing his hat!  Second Experimental to land at KBXM Mo, Piper Comanche, Second aircraft to land at the new Brunswick Executive Airport

While on right base for runway 1R, looking at KBXM from the back seat of a Piper Comanche. Rollout on landing Runway 1R; a view that until April 02, 2011 had been seen by very few General Aviation pilots, except those having been associated with the Navy Flying Club. While stepping out of the Comanche. Dj Merrill's Glastar (center) and Tom Muller's RV-9A (left) Inside the FBO hangar... and there's equal space in back of the photographer. BNAS-Opening3.jpg Maine's Congressional delegates: speakers at Brunswick Executive Airport ceremonies. BNAS-Opening5.jpg Ed Friedman, piloting his Schweizer helicopter. (Out of Bowdoinham) Departed Brunswick Executive Airport, en route to Wiscasset Airport