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EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated April 10, 2012 Submitted by Richard DeVito – Secretary

The April meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1930.


The Secretaries report was read by Richard DeVito and approved with one correction. Relative to Projects, the word Rans was changed to Vans.


The treasurer’s report for the period ending 3/31/12 was presented by Tom Muller. The chapter account balance stands at $6,133.66. The report was accepted as presented.


Charlie Gabelmann reported on the Brunswick Fly In status, and main points follow:

Mellissa LaCasse has returned from maternity leave and tendered her resignation to MRRA

Marty McMann reported that MRRA had attended Sun and Fun to promote Fly Maine, and many positive contacts were made. He advised that the main Runway would be temporarily closed soon to paint markings to FAA standards. The inboard runway will be used during the shutdown period. MRRA will also be installing arresting gear at Brunswick for the Blue Angels. This is needed as a contingency, to allow them to perform in Portsmouth NH.

The chapter will sponsor Haver Starway for the 2012 ACE Camp. Donations to ACE Camp if undesignated will be split evenly between the Bangor and Portland programs. In our case, all EAA87 funds will be designated to support Haver.

Charlie presented an EAA National award to Charlie Roscoe as 2011 Chapter Vice President.


Russell Keith reported that we could have access to the new KLEW terminal for a young eagles program. Last year, EAA87 flew 23 Young Eagles and earned $115 in EAA credits, and use of the funds was discussed. Members present felt we had committed to transfer the credits to other chapters. After some discussion, it was decided that we would transfer the credits to a chapter if needed, but we would otherwise retain the credits for EAA 87 use.

Richard Wood donated an aviation leather jacket to the chapter for possible use in a fund raising raffle.

Morris Schnur has put his Comanche up for sale due to health issues.


Mark Hayden reported he is well along on the construction of the horizontal stabilizer for his Vans RV-9. Charlie Roscoe offered to help with the project

Dj Merrill is replacing his incandescent landing light with a LED version due to reliability issues. The current light is rated for 20 hours of operation, while the LED version is 5,000 hours.

Leo Leclair advised that Tom Wallace is again working on his Lancair project at Wiscasset airport. It is pretty much complete. The chapter had viewed this project several years ago.

Leo also noted that Belfast has a chapter project for a RV-12, and they are close to completion.

Mark Long will reweigh his Stingray as the original weighing was referenced to an incorrect line. FAA inspection might be done next month.


The meeting was adjourned at 2035


The May meeting will be held at Brunswick Executive Airport (KBMX) on Tuesday May 8, 2012, starting at 1830 hours. Please note that the meeting starts 1 hour earlier than normal, and will be a combined EAA 87 business meeting, and a planning session for the upcoming June Fly In meeting

KBXM is the former site of the Brunswick Naval Air Station (BNAS). From the main entrance, proceed past the large airplane (P-3) on display on your left. If the gate is manned, you will need to stop at the gate house and tell them you are going to a meeting at Flight Level Aviation. Go approximately 0.8 miles, and when you see the second large airplane (P-3), turn right just before it. The plane is just beyond where you will be turning and it is on the left side of the road.

Continue straight ahead and the road will take you around the far side of Hangar 6. Go in the door near the Flight level Aviation sign.

Google map directions can be found at: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Exit+31&daddr=43.9402848,-69.9791119+to:43.918862,-69.952388+to:43.90721,-69.91986+to:Unknown+road&hl=en&geocode=FbV5ngIdADTU-w%3BFbx5ngIdGTTU-ylb2Og3cHiyTDFqd9B_BUMGKQ%3BFQ4mngIdfJzU-ykfsDx3DIetTDFtJj7dmtiT1Q%3BFYr4nQIdjBvV-ylzfDW074atTDE3Y9yH8Gp8Mw%3BFQrdnQIdzvzU-w&mra=ls&via=1,2,3&sll=43.919659,-69.949436&sspn=0.086926,0.130291&ie=UTF8&ll=43.919782,-69.94772&spn=0.086926,0.130291&t=h&z=13