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                                                   August 13, 2019 EAA meeting minutes 

EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated August 13, 2019 Submitted by Roland Roy - Secretary

The August meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1905 hours.

A total of 7 members and 2 guests were present at tonight's meeting.

Poppy Mellor and her mom Misty Mellor were the two guests who were invited to tonight's meeting so that Poppy could share with Chapter members highlights of her experience at this years week long Ace Camp, which is based at Brunswick Executive Airport. Poppy gave a fine presentation that included a slide show on her laptop showing us all of the day trips on a bus to Portland, Owl's Head, and other Maine locations made by the 12 students who attended this year's summer Ace Camp. After the presentation the Mellor's gave everyone a piece of delicious carrot cake that they brought with them in appreciation for the Chapter paying for Poppy's Ace Camp experience.


The secretaries report was read aloud which was about the July 9th Annual Summer BBQ which for those members who were not present at tonight's meeting can read them online as posted on the EAA Chapter 87 website. A motion was made and then seconded and passed overwhelmingly to accept the meeting minutes as recorded on the chapter meeting minutes webpage.


Tom Muller reported that the chapter's check book balance ending on July 31,2019 was $6,090.45 A motion was made and then seconded and passed overwhelmingly to accept the Treasurer's report.


The Chapter has received payment of $30 annual membership dues from 21 members as of the end of June. Typically the Chapter receives payment from approximately 40 members each year.

David Beemer mailed out 21 letters to those members who have not yet paid their 2019 dues. Of the 21 letters sent out, 10 members responded and for those 11 who did not respond, Dave called each member up individually to ask them to send in their payment. Of the 11 members called, 8 members renewed their membership and 3 members cancelled their membership and 1 of the 3 sent $30 to the Chapter anyway.

David Beemer suggested that past. present and future Chapter members who reach the age of 80 be waived for paying the $30 annual dues.

Discussion followed and President Charlie Gablemann made the following MOTION: that all EAA Chapter 87 members who reach the age of 80 years old will not have to pay the $30 annual membership dues so long as that member has paid in the past one year of dues and is a current member of the EAA national membership.

The MOTION was approved by all those present.


David Beemer brought in flyers to promote the Annual Belfast EAA Chapter 1434 Mid Coast Fly-In to be held on Saturday September 14th from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm at the Belfast Municipal Airport with a rain date noted as Sunday September 15.

The flyer indicates helicopter rides, free Young Eagle Flights for kids 8-17 and Breakfast from 7:30 am to 10 am and food trucks selling food all day. Live Music to be provided by "The Once Over" band.


Charlie Gabelmann said he was contacted by someone selling a used Pterodactyl ultralight. If anyone is interested please contact Charlie for more information.

Russ Keith flew his RV-9A to Oshkosh Airventure Fly-In with David Beemer serving as co-pilot/navigator. He said the trip went well except that his transponder failed enroute. Russ spoke about volunteering at Airventure and how he found a new replacement transponder from one of the vendors at the Airshow.

Don Card has finally sold his Zenair CH750 to a commercial and former military pilot from Tennesee. Don now plans to continue with building his second Zenair 750 Cruser.


The meeting was adjourned at 2030 hours.


The September meeting will be held at the Brunswick Executive Airport FBO on Tuesday September 10 at 1900 hours.