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EAA Chapter 87

Minutes of Meeting Dated February , 2010

Following are the highlights from the Aviation Forum at Owl's Head on Feb 27, 2010. This data was provided by Duke Tomlin, the event organizer. This was our February meeting. The meeting for March will be held at the Old Bowdoin School on Tuesday March 9 starting at 7 PM.

  • There were 44 registered attendees with representation of 18 organizations,

an excellent turnout.

  • A great lunch consisting of choice of chili with or without meat, homemade cornbread, macaroni salad, beverages and an airplane cake all provided by the tireless cooks from EAA 736 Norridgewock.
  • A little statistic I shared with the Forum which not only surprised me, but the rest as well. According to a 2006 study by an aviation consulting firm hired by Maine DOT, of the number of visitors arriving by air in the state of Maine, 25% came in General Aviation aircraft.
  • EAA 87 Bowdoinham http://www.eaa87.org/ in conjunction with CAP Aerospace Education will be conducting Space Days in the Bath schools on May 7th involving 2,200 students.
  • EAA 1434 Belfast http://www.eaa1434.org/ was saddened to report the sudden passing of their most enthusiastic Young Eagles pilot, George Rybarczyk, last year. It was noted that George's family asked donation in lieu of flowers be made to EAA Chapter 1434. This resulted in a permanent endowment of almost $8,000 being set up to provide 2 half scholarships to ACE Camp in George's name.
  • Maine DOT reports that:

- 5 airports in the state have received the largest amount of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding in the New England Region, $10 million, second only to Massachusetts.

- A revamped Maine Aeronautical Advisory Board (MAAB) should provide greater geographical representation, better input from a wider range of aviation organizations, and more support to General Aviation in the state.

- There is some concern that the formula for the Federal share of funds available for airports may be reduced causing the local match to increase

- They will continue to develop training and guidelines to assist in airport management and land use issues.

- They are partnering with the other New England states to develop a Regional GA Airport Systems Plan.

  • The Maine Aeronautics Association is being reinvigorated http://www.maineaeronautics.org/. A meeting will be held on Saturday, April 3rd at 1000 at the Wiscasset airport. For more info, contact Steve Williams at 350-2120 or swilliams@mecoseal.com
  • Recreational Aviation Foundation is looking to help open up access to and maintain back country airstrips around the country. This looks like a good fit for Maine. For more info contact John Nadeau Mcnade@aol.com or visit their website: http://www.recreationalaviationfoundation.org/
  • Ocean Point Aviation in Wiscasset http://oceanpointaviation.com will host a Chili Cook Off on Saturday March 20th starting at 1000, a 50th Airport Anniversary Fly In on October 2nd, and pancake breakfasts the 1st Saturday of every month starting June 5th.
  • Mary Build, http://www.naplesseaplane.com/pages/welcome.html the Maine Field Director of The Seaplane Pilots Assoc. said they are advocating being proactive in regards to issues such as milfoil and sensitivity to waterfront property owners. Remember, we are our own best ambassadors.
  • John Wood from the Portland FSDO http://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/field_offices/fsdo/pwm/ led his usual entertaining and informative style of presentation this time on reducing anxiety and aiding decision making by setting personal minimums /before/ we fly. In addition, the FAA FAASTeam is looking to have everyairport represented by a FAASTeam member.
  • The Maine Aviation Historical Society and Maine Air Museum www.maineairmuseum.org <http://www.maineairmuseum.org> would like your member support and reminds us of a special presentation by retired airline pilot Norm Houle on March 13th at 1:30 at the Boothbay Rail Road Museum. Also, the Portland Aviation Expo will be held June 12th and 13th at the Portland Jetport. For more info call 874-8877
  • The Civil Air Patrol is looking for a few good men and women both pilots and non-pilots alike. Find your local squadron at: http://www.mewg.cap.gov/
  • 2 flying clubs have room for new members:

The Bald Eagle Flying Club operates a Cessna 172 out of Portland. http://baldeagleflyingclub.org/ The University Flying Club (UMO) operates a Cessna 152 and 172 out of Bangor. No need to be a UMO student, all are welcome. http://www.umaine.edu/flyingclub/

The CAP and the 2 flying clubs offer inexpensive alternatives to aircraft ownership and rental rates. Get in the air!

  • Unfortunately, Mike Willey was unable to attend to give us an update on ethanol free mogas in Maine, but has promised to e-mail me a summary when he has gathered a little more info and I will send it out as soon as I get it. Stay tuned.