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EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated February 19, 2011

The February meeting was in conjunction with the Aviation Forum held at the Owl's Head Transportation Museum

There were 66 registered attendees representing 25 organizations, an increase of about 50% over last year.

A great lunch buffet consisting of choice of chili, homemade cornbread, 2 salads, beverages and an airplane cake all provided by the tireless cooks Jayne and Wilkes Harper from EAA 736 and member support. The coffee and pastries were supplied by the good folks at EAA 87.

Continuing their support of Young Eagles and Space Day in the spring. They have also purchased a set of aircraft scales for weighing your project and if you join their Chapter ($20) you can use them.

Their annual fly-in will be August 6th in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce for an event with broader community appeal.

Have a newly renovated club house for year around meetings Informal Fly Ins @ Millers Field the 3rd Saturday of July, August, and September.

Open house the end of August They are still battling against forces to close the airport.

2 aircraft completions: RV9A & RV7A Work continues on the Egg gate guardian Regrettably Treasurer Bennett Scheuer passed away. He had just started building an RV12. His brother donated the kit to the Chapter, & 2 members purchased it and will build it in his memory. The money went into the Memorial Scholarship Fund started last year to fund 2 half scholarships to ACE Camp.

A way to continue the efforts of the Maine Aviation Forum electronically and year round. It's free and private with no advertising. You can sign up for notices only or the Aviation Chat to talk shop. There is also an easy to use Events Calendar.

20 airports in the state have received approx. $26 Million for capital improvements. Maine Aeronautical Advisory Board (MAAB) has 11 members to provide input on aviation policies and procedures and are currently updating by-laws and Members guide. There is still concern over the status of federal funding and the outcome of the budget negotiations and FAA reauthorization efforts especially in regard to AIP funding which is where the money comes from for airport improvements. There is a new requirement for GA airports to complete a Wildlife Hazard Assessment. Airports are classified into 4 groups and the first (largest) will have to initiate their effort by 2015. Louis Berger Group, Inc. in association with 6 other firms was selected to conduct the New England GA Regional Airport systems Study whose objective is to examine and develop an understanding of airport roles and infrastructure investment on an overall New England Regional basis through 2030.

Operates a Cessna 152 and 172 out of Bangor. No need to be a UMO student, all are welcome. This is flying for a very reasonable cost. Attention CFIs: they are currently looking for more CFIs to work with their members.

The online aviation reality program originating from the State of Maine is now an FAA approved trainer and qualifies for WINGS credit. Michael Lessard is working on building a brand new vertigo chair which should be available for demonstration to your organization this spring.

There are 2 camps, which are apparently being renamed Academies. One in Portland for younger kids and one in Bangor for the older kids. Dates for Bangor are July 31 to August 6 and the cost is $650. Applications should be available online soon and slots are first come first serve. Contact Malcolm Brydon at 479-8673 or sconset2atc@yahoo.com for more info.

Chili Cook Off and Safety Seminar, hosted in conjunction with the Maine Aeronautics Assoc., on Saturday March 19th. Fly In on Sat. October 1st Pancake breakfasts the 1st Saturday of every month starting in June.

Continue advocating safety and responsible flying and have a busy Fly In schedule. The Chuting Eagles demo team http://www.chutingeagles.com are available for your event and will be at the Great State of Maine Airshow in Brunswick this August.

Continue their educational efforts concerning Milfoil. Will hold a Safety seminar June 11th and their annual Fly In September 9-11. For more info contact Steve Williams swilliams@mecoseal.com

  • Central Maine Regional Airport Pilots

Mike Willey brought us up to speed on his efforts to make Ethanol free mogas available in Maine. Senator Olympia Snowe is working on a legislative solution and Mike reports there may be some available this summer @ SFM,OWK,B10.

This is the organization for Maine pilots. An educational non-profit resource for promoting and protecting flying in Maine through advocacy and outreach by sponsoring fly ins, safety seminars and communications. Chili Cook Off/Safety Seminar co-sponsored with Ocean Point Aviation @ KIWI is March 19th. President Lisa Reece is working with MRRA at Brunswick on their Fly In June 4th.

  • Recreational Aviation Foundation

http://www.recreationalaviationfoundation.org/ Provides education and advocacy to private airfield owners and those pilots wishing to utilize and preserve private and backcountry airfields. They are currently working to provide public access to Red Pine, Ragmuff, and Blue Hill. For more info contact John Nadeau jnadeau@theraf.org or visit their website.

Working on another Aerial Treasure Hunt.

Dave Pepple and John Wood from the Portland FSDO talked about accident statistics. Specifically an increasing fatality rate overall and the need for transition training in Amateur Built Aircraft especially by those who buy one already built and have been used to flying certificated aircraft. In addition, the FAA FAASTeam is looking to have every airport represented by a FAASTeam member. The New England Aviation Expo is being held at Nashua Community College as a result of Daniel Webster closing down. The date is May 14th. For more info: http://www.faasafety.gov/

  • LightHawk www.lighthawk.org

Al Rollins, a volunteer pilot with LightHawk, told us of the organization's mission to champion environmental protection through the unique perspective of flight. Volunteer pilots fly scientists, reporters, government officials, foresters, etc. in the pursuit of environmental stewardship. See their website for pilot qualifications.

- Dick Sundell spoke of their efforts, along with the USO, in extending service to wounded veterans through Angels for Armed Forces and that Cape Air and Pinnacle have helped with seats on an as available basis. They could always use more pilots.

  • The Maine Aviation Historical Society/Maine Air Museum

www.maineairmuseum.org Mike Cornett mentioned they have several new acquisitions from Brunswick Naval Air Station and have been asked to help out with displays in Portland.

-Commander Dan Leclair spoke of the numerous flights in the Gulf of Mexico that CAP units flew in support of the rig blow out and spill last year. As always, is looking for a few good men and women both pilots and non-pilots alike. Find your local squadron on their website. Lindon Christie reminded us that CAP has extensive classroom resources for teachers wanting to introduce Aerospace Education into the curriculum.

Chief Pilot Charlie Later gave insights into the missions of Warden Service pilots and spoke of their new acquisition. An army surplus Cessna 172 which has undergone a 3 year renovation and has been outfitted with a Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) camera able to detect the heat signature of people and animals.

-Executive Director Steve Levesque was on hand to update us on the efforts, led by Senators Raye (R) and Gerzofsky (D), to repeal the use tax on out of state aircraft visiting Maine for more than 20 days and on legislation to eliminate the sales tax on aircraft and parts sold in the state. He then went on to inform everyone on the progress of the transfer of the former Brunswick Naval Air Station to MRRA. The facility, to be known as Brunswick Landing, is mostly transferred and the new name of the airport is Brunswick Executive Airport with the identifier BXM. It will be an uncontrolled field with 2 parallel 8,000 ft. runways, 650,000 sq. ft. of hangar space, instrument approaches (ILS 01R and GPS 01R & 19L), a new fuel farm, and many other new or renovated amenities. The new FBO will be Flight Level Aviation. The airport will be open to the public with a Grand Opening ceremony on April 2 with several scheduled events. A Fly In will be held June 4th with a pancake breakfast, safety seminars, EAA aircraft judging and a New England BBQ/lobster bake with live music in the evening Speakers will include Craig Fuller from AOPA and Alan Klapmeier from Kestrel Aircraft, the first aviation tenant at the new facility. Kestrel plans to manufacture a state of the art composite turboprop on site. There will also be the Great State of Maine Airshow to be held on August 26-28th and will include the Blue Angels. http://www.greatstateofmaineairshow.us/

Chairman and CEO Alan Klapmeier was gracious enough to accept our invitation to tells us about his plans for manufacturing a 6-7 seat, state of the art, all composite turboprop with excellent speed, range and short field capability. Currently finalizing the financing, they have signed a lease with MRRA for a 170,000 sq. ft. hangar and are hoping to begin production sometime this fall and anticipate eventually creating about 300 jobs.