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EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated February 14, 2012 Submitted by Richard DeVito – Secretary

The February meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1930.


Richard DeVito read the secretaries report of the January 10 meeting minutes. The report was accepted as read.


The treasurer’s report for November through January was presented by Tom Muller. The chapter account balance on 31 January 2012 stands at $6,337.55. EAA membership papers for 2012 have been submitted. The report was accepted as presented.


Charlie Gabelmann presented an EAA National award to Russell Keith for his work as Young Eagles Coordinator.

The Owl’s Head Transportation Museum will host an aviation forum on Saturday February 25, 2012 involving aviation groups and EAA chapters throughout the State. Eleven chapter 87 members have indicated they plan to attend.

A meeting to plan the upcoming fly-in at Brunswick Executive Airport will be held at 1000 hours on Saturday February 18, 2012.


A safety seminar and chili cook-off will be held at Wiscasset Airport on March 17, 2012. The seminar will start at 1000 hours and the chili will be available, after which, chili will be served.

There will be a sea plane fly-in in North Hero Vermont on Sunday February 19, 2012. Land based aircraft might be able to fly-in as well.

Phil Shelton reported he has decided to use a Dynon Electronic Flight Information system, and an ICOM tranceiver in his Dream’s Tundra project.


The meeting was adjourned at 1950


Dave Peppel from the FAA and Charlie Gabelmann presented a program on certification and flight testing of amateur built aircraft. Highlights of the presentation follow:

Certificate Types

Thoughts on Building


Now What

FAR’s and AC’s – Recommended Reading

Airworthiness Certificates

Standard – White

Special – Pink - Normal - Utility - Aerobatic


Don’t operate in a vacuum – Help is available Tech Counselors A&P’s - IA’s Fellow Members – Builders Tech Support – Builder’s sites etc. Standards publications AD’s – SD’s – Manufacturer’s Information

               Normal Design Standards

ROTEC Engines

           Some operate without carb heat - Iceing is possible 
           Not a good practice

Building Standards

            Don’t reinvent proven practices
            Use aircraft hardware
            Use good workmanship

51% Rule

            Approval has nothing to do with safety
            Does not look at design
            Old list is grandfathered and valid
             New (2009) list good for airplanes only
             Fabrication – Transfer material into final state
             Based on task – not time, volume, cost, or importance

Commercial assistance

              OK if teaching you to do a task that you then do.

Use of salvage or surplus parts

              FAA must contact Washington (AIA 200)


            EAA sell packages
            Register with OKC more than 90 days prior to anticipated 1st flight
            1 year is best
            Send AC Form 8050-88
                            Exact builder model and S/N – Now cast in concrete.
            Aircraft registration form 8050-1  All information must match.
                             $5.00 fee – If requesting specific N numbers $10.00 fee.
                             If kit, 8050-2 from manufacturer with aircraft Xed out
                                  and Kit inserted.
                             Letter if assigning reserved N numbers or next available.
                             Request on line or phone 866-704-4715 
                             Data plate must match N numbers


            If model built 30 years ago, can use 2 inch numbers.
            If not, must use 12 inch numbers.

Completion date

            Call 781-238-7127
            Contact info – location – type aircraft – make – model – S/N
            May or may not be handed off to FSDO
            If FSDO gets it, inspector will contact you
                              Don’t let it go over 2 weeks
            Send paperwork to FSDO 
                               8130-6 Application of airworthiness certificate
                               Program letter – Include
                                            If Aerobatic
                                            For education & recreation
                                            Flight test area
              Elegibility statement – list all builders – Notarize
                                Photos or schetches
                                Weight and Balance
                                Forward and Aft limits
                                Expected loading for first flight
                                Application for repairman certificate

Day of inspection

                        Complete inspection already done and signed
                        Hard copy of registration
                        All placards and markings installed
                                         Experimental passenger warning
                                         Controls, switches and valves
                                                   What they control
                                                   Which direction

Flight Advisor Program – Charlie Gabelmann

         Three in Maine
                        Charlie Gabelmann
                        John Mill
                        Mike Watson
          Advisory only – Pilot makes decision
          Recommends procedures for first flight


The March meeting will be held at Brunswick Executive Airport (KBMX) on Tuesday March 13, 2012, starting at 1930 hours

KBXM is the former site of the Brunswick Naval Air Station (BNAS). From the main entrance, proceed past the large airplane (P-2) on display on your left. If the gate is manned, you will need to stop at the gate house and tell them you are going to a meeting at Flight Level Aviation.

Go approximately 0.8 miles, and when you see the second large airplane (P-3), turn right just before it. The plane is just beyond where you will be turning and it is on the left side of the road.

Continue straight ahead and the road will take you around the far side of Hangar 6. Go in the door near the Flight level Aviation sign.

Google map directions can be found at: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Exit+31&daddr=43.9402848,-69.9791119+to:43.918862,-69.952388+to:43.90721,-69.91986+to:Unknown+road&hl=en&geocode=FbV5ngIdADTU-w%3BFbx5ngIdGTTU-ylb2Og3cHiyTDFqd9B_BUMGKQ%3BFQ4mngIdfJzU-ykfsDx3DIetTDFtJj7dmtiT1Q%3BFYr4nQIdjBvV-ylzfDW074atTDE3Y9yH8Gp8Mw%3BFQrdnQIdzvzU-w&mra=ls&via=1,2,3&sll=43.919659,-69.949436&sspn=0.086926,0.130291&ie=UTF8&ll=43.919782,-69.94772&spn=0.086926,0.130291&t=h&z=13