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EAA Meeting January 12, 2010

Old Bowdoin School

7:10/pm EAA Meeting called to order by President C. Gabelmann. Board members present C. Gabelmann, D. Wood, E. Perkins, L. LeClair and Tom Muller, G. Bergendoff.

Due to the absent of the secretary, a motion to waive the minutes were made by T. Muller, seconded by E. Perkins. All in favor.

A treasurer’s report was read with a grand total of $5,263.82. Motion to accept by D. Wood seconded by E. Perkins. All in favor. OLD BUSINESS

President distributed 2009 officer pins to L. LeClair and D. Wood who were not present at Last month’s Christmas Party.

President discussed with members the progress of the BNAS Museum. NEW BUSINESS

Motion made by E. Perkins to purchase a flash Drive and disk to store chapter’s data. Cost up to $20.00. Seconded by L. LeClair. All in favor.

Motion made by L. LeClair to have EAA Chapter 87 Meeting place be at the Old Bowdoin School in Bowdoin until further notice. Seconded by G Bergendorff. All in favor.

Motion made by T. Muller to have any member Seek a meeting place at the former B.N.A.S. when it becomes available to the public. Seconded by Dj. All in favor.

Tom Muller was appointed a committee of one by The President to check on Goggle Voice and report back to the membership next month.

Tom Muller went over Dawn patrol and adventure Squadron which is when members fly out to certain Events as a chapter. It was suggested that we try it at Soup Sunday at Wiscasset on Jan 31.

Tom also mention that EAA recommends supporting Aviation by donating old Sport Aviation magazines to Doctor’s offices.

Leo LeClair was appoint a committee of one to get Information on a bore scope and bring it back to the Membership next month.

President was asked to contact Dave Peppel and the FAA to do a seminar in the spring.

Program Chairmen for 2010

February - Aviation Forum Owls Head Transportation Museum

March – open

April – F.A.A. Seminar (homebuilding Dave Peppel)

May – open

June – Craig Starr’s home (RV8)

July - Tom Muller

August – EAA Chapter 87’s picnic (Mark Haydens)

Sept – L. LeClair

Oct – open

Nov. –Election of Officers -open Dec. – Christmas Party


Sunday after Christmas Leo reweighed Jay Rowe’s Aircraft after he painted it. Leo stated he had some trouble with the scales at first but finally got them working. He said Jay’s plane gained 40lbs just in Paint.

Adjourned 9:10/pm

February Meeting

We will not meet on February 9 as originally scheduled. On Saturday February 27, the chapter meeting will consist of the Aviation Forum at the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum.

Registration will be from 0930 to 1000.

Programs will run from 1000 to 1230.

Lunch is available for $6 from 12:30 to 13:30 Notify Charlie by 19 Feb if you want lunc Special programs from 1330 to 1500