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EAA MEETING Jan 14, 2014 Brunswick Executive Airport

7:30/pm Meeting called to order by President C. Gabelmann

Secretary report. Due to the absent of Sec. motion to Dispense with the reading by DJ seconded by T. Muller, all in favor.

Treasurer report. Total in treasury at this time $5882.11 Motion made by E. Perkins to accept Seconded by L. LeClair all in favor.


Airport Bikes, Tom Muller spoke to the airport Manager of Lewiston about the bikes and he would Like some more time to think about it. At this time We have two airports who will accept the bikes and Responsibility of them. Tom says we can start looking for bikes. Tom Muller will chair this program.

Young Eagles Event, motion made by Tom Muller To combine the Young Eagles rally and a fly-In Together like last year. Seconded by DJ all in favor. This year’s date will be on Sat. June 21,2014

New England Air Museum trip: President will call the Museum and check on dates for Feb and Mar. He will Also call Steve Welch from the Biddeford chapter And see if they would be interested in going.


Maine Aviation Forum: Chapter 87 will supply The coffee for the event. The event will take place Feb 22,2014 at the Owls Head Transportation Museum starting at 9:30/am. This event will take The place of our Feb. meeting which would have Been held on the second Tuesday of Feb.

Soup Sunday at Wiscasset airport on Jan. 26, 2014.

Everett Perkins has volunteered to post Chapter 87 Events on the AOPA and EAA event notices.


Russ Kenny has a Kolb Extra that needs to have a Wing recovered. Everett and Scott have volunteered To lend a hand.

DJ started a panel upgrade on his Glass star. His Goal is to get his plane IFR to enable him to get His instrument ticket.

Scott Royal has his Luscombe flying and says it flies Real well.

Don Card is still waiting for the FAA to inspect his CH-750.

Trevor Jenney has sent for the pre-plans of a RV 9A.

Next meeting will be Feb.22,2014 at Owls Head Transportation Museum at 9:30/am.

9:20/pm adjourn