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EAA Chapter 87

Minutes of Meeting Dated July 13 , 2010

Submitted by Richard DeVito - Secretary

The July meeting was held at Tom Muller’s hangar at Lewiston Auburn airport. The meeting was a combined picnic and chapter meeting. President Charlie Gabelmann called the Meeting to order at 1920 with a quorum of Board Members in attendance.


The Treasurer and secretary’s report were not presented.


Pilots' lunches for the June 19 Young Eagles event at Wiscasset were paid for by Everett Perkins. Tom Muller advised that the chapter would reimburse Everett for the lunch costs, and requested Everett submit the charges. The next Young Eagles event will be held at Wiscasset on October 2nd.


There were about 20 members in attendance and all enjoyed the Red Hots grilled by Tom Muller.

Members had a chance to look at the boroscope purchased by the chapter for about $100. Tom had removed the wing root fairings of his R9A, and the wing wiring was inspected using the boroscope.

Leo Leclair has begun converting his Glastar from tricycle gear to floats. The aircraft is currently sitting on the floats but it is not fully on the landing gear as yet. Leo plans to fly off restrictions out of Twitchell field.

Tom Fisher reported on the status of his Zenair 601 XL project. Tom reported that all required FAA modification have been installed and the aircraft is currently being painted. Modifications required an extensive disassembly followed by an FAA inspection of the modifications. The mods took almost 1 year to complete and added about 18 pounds to the empty weight.

The August meeting will be held in conjunction with Mark Hayden’s annual picnic on Saturday August 21. This is a fly-in/drive-in, and will start around 10AM at Mark’s Emmett field, 86 Old Lewiston Road, Monmouth Maine.

The September meeting will be held at Leo Leclair’s garage in Auburn and will feature Dj Merrill’s Sportsman.