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EAA Chapter 87

Minutes of Meeting Dated June 8, 2010

Submitted by Richard DeVito - Secretary

The June meeting was held at Craig Starr’s garage in Leeds. President Charlie Gabelmann called the Meeting to order at 1920 with a quorum of Board Members in attendance.


The Treasurer and secretary’s report were not presented per agreement of the members. Tom Muller did provide the secretary with a copy of the report for the chapter files. The report reflects a balance of $4,762.88 on 5/31/10.


Leo Leclair reported that Zach Daigle has been accepted into the 2010 ACE CAMP program. Both Zach and Josh Wardwell will be attending this year under sponsorship of the chapter.


Everett Perkins confirmed that we would have a Young Eagles event at Wiscasset on June 19. He will be sending out an e-mail requesting pilots and ground crew for the event. Several members present committed to help.


The Portland Jetport will be hosting an Aviation Exposition on June 12 and 13, and they are looking for volunteers to assist with parking. All volunteers receive 2 tickets to a Lobster Bake on Friday evening. Contact Jeni O’Bryon at 207-756-8027 to volunteer.

Richard Wood reported that EAA National is offering members an opportunity to purchase a Brick for the Gateway to Aviation entrance at Oshkosh. He suggested the chapter buy a brick to be engraved Charlie Gabelmann as appreciation for his many years of service as Chapter 87 President. While all agreed the Charlie was deserving of such an honor, Tom Muller expressed concern that the brick cost might be excessive for the chapter. Woody agreed to obtain specific costs for this program.

Leo Leclair now has a high speed internet link with Road Runner. His new e-mail address is gs5299@rr.com.

Mark Hayden’s annual Fly-in and picnic will be held on Saturday August 21. This was erroneously listed in the original May report as August 12. The date has been corrected in the May meeting minutes published in the chapter web site www.eaa87.org.


Mark Libby has purchased a partially completed Cozy IV from Connecticut.

Tom Muller has recorded a True Air Speed of 206 mph in his RV-9A.

Russell Keith has adjusted his carburetor jet to correct a problem with a lean mixture. The change looks good and Russell has obtained an increase of 150 rpm and +5 knots in cruise.

Craig Starr had a ride with Nick Knobil in his RV-8.


Leo Leclair made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Richard DeVito seconded. The motion passed unanimously, and the meeting was adjourned at 2020.


Members had a chance to look over Craig’s RV-8 project. He has begun initial work with assembly of the horizontal stabilizer. Craig has configured his garage as a workshop for the project and has constructed a jig for working on the stabilizer. The garage is large, well lit, and heated. Since Craig’s is an older RV-8 kit, both Russell Keith and Leo Leclair suggested Craig remove all protective covering on the aluminum sheeting. The longer the covering sits, the harder it will be to remove it.

The chapter thanks Craig for his hospitality.


Grady Sharpe demonstrated a model of a radial engine he machined, along with methods to cut metal. The engine operates on a compressed air source and Grady ran the engine at different rpm’s. He additionally had a small display case with a break out of all parts of the engine. For cutting metal, Grady suggested using a standard paper cutter and he demonstrated its use. . For trimming, Grady showed a modification made to a set of hand shears to obtain smooth cuts. The modification consisted of a set screw in the handle which limited how far the blades would be opened.


The July meeting will be held on July 13 at the Tom Muller’s hangar at the Lewiston-Auburn Airport (LEW). We will also have a chapter cook out in conjunction with the meeting with a planned start time oh 1830 hours.

Directions to Tom’s hangar If you are traveling from Bowdoinham or the coastal areas, take 196 into Lewiston and take the Maine Turnpike (toll free) south to Auburn. Exiting the turnpike, turn right and head SW on 202/26/100/4 (all the same road). Take a right at the first light just after the Irving truck stop onto Kittyhawk Drive. Travel to the four corner stop sign intersection and turn right onto Hotel Road. On Hotel road, take the first left onto White Hangar Drive. Mountain Machine Company is at the entrance to the airport. You can park outside the gate and walk in. The walk in gate is not locked. This area is dimly lit. Walk to the left of the white hangar and you will see yellow t-hangars on the front side of the white hangar. Tom’s hangar is in the second row of yellow T-hangars.