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EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated June 14, 2016 Submitted by Richard DeVito – Secretary

The June meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1930.

The meeting started with a video presentation of a wet micro burst. The power of the microburst was indeed impressive, and not an area one should even be near to in flight.

Charlie also showed photos of a Dragon Fly project that is available for sale. The plane has previously flown and has FAA approvals, but it would require significant work to bring it back to airworthy status. Based on the current condition of the project and concerns on overall fiberglass workmanship, the chapter members present showed no interest.


The June report was approved as submitted on the chapter web site.


The Treasurer reported a May 31, 2016 checkbook balance of $5,315.52 with 33 members. The report was approved as submitted. Tom reported he has scanned 2015 files for archiving, and discarded 2009-2012 files.

Tom reported that $107 was raised at the Hampton Fly In with sales of equipment donated by him and Russ Keith. Everett Perkins indicated that sales of equipment from Owl’s Head Transportation Museum totaled $1,545 of which the chapter will retain half ($772.50). Everett feels that the museum will give the chapter additional aviation parts to sell and this will help in our fundraising efforts.


Russell Keith reported that the Young Eagles event at Lewiston – Auburn on May 15 went well with 14 kids flown. Ten by Russ, and four by John Light.

MRRA will host ACE camp at Brunswick from August 3rd through Aug 6. A Fly In is also slated for Brunswick on Aug 6.

Leo Leclair passed around a set of photos of aircraft construction tools that a friend (Bud) is planning to sell. Leo suggested that the chapter sell the tools on Bud’s behalf, and retain some portion of the sales money. There was discussion on what the percentage of the sales money the chapter might retain. This ranged from 10% to 50% and it was concluded that Leo would work with Bud on a figure. Leo felt it might be possible to set up a table by his RV and sell some of the tools at the upcoming August Fly In.

The members discussed fund raising projects and Leo Leclair suggested a raffle at BIW for a $500 Visa gift certificate. Only 100 tickets would be offered at $10 each, yielding the chapter close to $500, and Leo feels it will not be difficult to sell the tickets. Russell Keith confirmed that such a program was acceptable to EAA national and he agreed to research printing the tickets. A motion made and seconded to start the process and was approved unanimously.

Tom Muller initiated discussion on ACE Camp scholarships. Russell Keith confirmed that full cost for the Portland program totals $385, while the Bangor program totals $850. After much discussion a motion was made, seconded, and approved unanimously offering up to two scholarships less $100 each, to candidates named by the chapter for any combination of the Portland and Bangor programs. Tom would write the checks to ACE Camp listing the names of the individuals sponsored by the chapter.


A motion was made, seconded, and approved unanimously, to start our meetings in Brunswick at 1900 hours. The meetings will continue to be held at the FBO offices at Brunswick Executive Airport. Our next meeting in Brunswick will be on August 9, 2016. The July meeting will be held off site.


Don Card reported he is making good progress on his Zenith Cruzer. The controls and landing gear are done, and he expects to have everything except firewall forward completed by spring. The firewall forward is on hold pending sale of Don’s existing Zenith STOL aircraft.

Tom Muller reported he is currently working on his RV motor home.

Charlie Gabelmann reported he has completed all tests require by the FAA for his special issuance medical. The hospital will collect all the data and send it to the FAA for review. If this can be done at the FAA regional medical offices in Nashua, Charlie anticipates a timely response. If it is necessary to involve Oklahoma City offices, the special issuance will become a lengthy process.

The meeting was adjourned at 2100


The July meeting will be held on July 12 at Tom Muller’s hangar at the Lewiston-Auburn Airport (LEW). We will also have a chapter cook out in conjunction with the meeting with a planned start time of 1800 hours. Sunset will be at 2025 hours so it might be possible to fly in without a night currency.

Directions to Tom’s hangar

If you are traveling from Bowdoinham or the coastal areas, take 196 into Lewiston and take the Maine Turnpike (toll free) south to Auburn. Exiting the turnpike, turn right and head SW on 202/26/100/4 (all the same road). Take a right at the first light just after the Irving truck stop onto Kittyhawk Drive. Travel to the four corner stop sign intersection and turn right onto Hotel Road. On Hotel road, take the first left onto White Hangar Drive. Mountain Machine Company is at the entrance to the airport. You can drive in if the gate is open, or park outside the gate and walk in. The walk in gate is not locked. This area is dimly lit. Walk to the left of the white hangar and you will see yellow t-hangars on the front side of the white hangar. Tom’s hangar is in the second row of yellow T-hangars.