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EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated June 11, 2013 Submitted by Richard DeVito – Secretary

The June meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1930.


The May Secretaries report was accepted as posted on the chapter web site.


Tom Muller reported that the bank balance on 5/31/13 was $6324.30. He also stated that the chapter currently has 35 paid members with an overall total of 38. The report was accepted as presented.


Charlie Gabelmann reported he had contacted Renee, a previous Ace Camp participant from Bath, and again offered chapter sponsorship. She was unable to attend, but thanked the chapter for this offer. She may plan to reapply again next year. Renee has begun flight instruction.

Charlie conformed that EAA will provide insurance for Mark Hayden’s fly in this year.

Our plans to meet at the Lewiston Auburn airport in July have been pushed out to September. Charlie plans to contact Don Card on possible meeting at his place to look at his Zenith 750 project.

Tom Muller and Leo Leclair attended a sea plane seminar last month. It was learned that the association has money available for aviation scholarships. Tom feels that sea plane pilots are good aviation ambassadors since they frequently tie up at public docks. It was also noted, that Ace Camp participants must now work with the sponsoring chapter.


Russell Keith reported he has flyers for the Young Eagles event, and advertizing has been secured in the Brunswick Times Record. Russ also reported that sufficient pilots have been lined up for the event.

Craig Starr reported that the judging committee is ready for the fly in.

FAA seminars have been set up. A food vendor has also been arranged by MRRA. Charlie has contracted for porta potties for the event.

Charlie and Everett Perkins will pick up a golf cart from Lisa Reece. Set up will be done on Friday 21 June starting at around 1300 hours.


Tom Muller is hoping to fly his RV-9A on an extended trip to Alaska, but there are several obstacles. He has built a platform behind the seats for added storage. He plans to carry camping gear. He must have a gun for possible use in Alaska, but a gun is prohibited in New York. D j Merrill will try to set up a GPS tracker for the flight so chapter members can monitor his location.


Tom Muller has built the rudder for his Zenith 750 project. He will paint the parts that show, and prime other parts.

Mark Hayden is ready to close in the vertical stabilizer for his project.

Scott Royal reported progress on his Luscombe rebuild has been slow, but the wings have now been mounted.

Tom Fisher reported the wood prop on his Zenair project suffered delamination and prevented a flight back to Maine. A new prop has been ordered, and the manufacturer wants the defective prop returned.

7. ADJOURNMENT --- The meeting was adjourned at 2035.

The July meeting will be held at Don Card’s home on Tuesday July 9 at 1930 hours. Directions to Don’s at 72 Indian Carry Road in Bath, follow:

Quick Route

On route one heading north take the Rt. 209S/High Street Exit in Bath.

Turn right onto High Street and proceed for 2.4 miles to the intersection of Rt.209S and High Street Extension (Winnegance Store).

Turn right onto High Street Extension and proceed 1.6 miles to the intersection of Campbell’s Pond Road and Barry’s Mill Road, bear left.

Continue for 0.7 miles and you will pass Birch Point Road on your right and soon enter a hard left then hard right 'S' curve passing Brigham’s Cove Road on the right as you do so. Once through the 'S' curve look for Indian Carry Road on the right and across from a split level ranch. The Card residence is 0.3 miles down Indian Carry Road and is the second house on the left (red shingles, 3 story).

Easy Route

On route one heading north take the Rt. 209S/High Street Exit in Bath.

Go 6 miles on Rt. 209S to the Stony Brook Road.

Turn right onto the Stony Brook Road and go 1.7 miles to the intersection with Meadow Brook Road.

Turn right onto Meadow Brook Road, go 1 mile and you will pass Meadow Brook Campground on the left.

Take the next left onto Indian Carry Road which is across from a split level ranch. The Card residence is 0.3 miles down Indian Carry Road and is the second house on the left (red shingles, 3 story).