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EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated June 11, 2019 Submitted by Roland Roy - Secretary

The June meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1904 hours.

A total of 14 members were present at tonight's meeting.


The secretaries report was not read aloud as most members had a chance to read them as posted on the EAA Chapter 87 website. A motion was made and then seconded and passed overwhelmingly to accept the meeting minutes as recorded on the chapter meeting minutes webpage.


Tom Muller reported that the chapter's check book balance ending on May 30,2019 was $6,144.73; additionally, Tom reported a petty cash balance of 0.00

A motion was made and then seconded and passed overwhelmingly to accept the Treasurer's report.

So far, the Chapter has received payment of $30 annual membership dues from 21 members. Typically the Chapter receives payment from approximately 40 members each year.

Tom recommended that a letter by snail mail be sent to all members who have not yet paid their dues.

David Beemer volunteered to mail out all the letters asking those who have not yet paid their dues to send a check to Tom Muller asap.


The chapter's weighing scales were tranferred from Tom Muller to Scott Royal at tonight's meeting. Scott will be responsible to keeping the scales in his hangar and keeping track of them as they can only be loaned out and used by EAA Chapter 87 members on their own personal experimental aircraft as the 4 sets of scales are not certified for use on factory built FAA certified aircraft.

In regards to the $500.00 donation the Chapter decided (at the May 2019 meeting) to give to the ACE Camp in Brunswick, Leo LeClair put a motion out to specify that $325.00 of the $500.00 donation be specifically donated to ACE Camp to cover the costs in order to sponsor Poppy Mellor to attend. Tom Muller noted that he had not yet mailed in the $500.00 check to ACE Camp Brunswick, but would do so, this coming week with a note indicating that the Chapter's donation cover Poppy Mellor attendance costs as a courtesy of EAA Chapter 87. Leo's motion was seconded and after a brief discussion the motion was passed overwhelmingly.


Charlie Gabelmann reported that this week a historic WWII PBY Catalina amphibious airplane which flew from Europe to the USA was seen flying over the Town of Alna, Maine and Brunswick, Maine. This historic aircraft is owned by the Collins Foundation.

Charlie also reported that Malcolm Peck is offering to sell his Citabria which is located at Malcolm's airfield in Jefferson, Maine.

Leo LeClair drove his RV to the Hampton Fly Mart last month and indicated the attendance was low. Leo said the old restaurant will be removed and be relocated in a new 2 story building presently being constructed.


Tom Muller has decided to discontinue building his Zenith CH750 due to health reasons. Tom is willing to put up $100/month for hangering his not yet completed airplane and donating 10 percent of the proceeds of the sale of his airplane to the Chapter. The airplane comes with a Lycoming 0-235 engine and an avionics package. Tom has the airplane located in his garage at home but would like to see someone come forward to continue building it to completion.


The meeting was adjourned at 2024 hours.


Next meeting will be at the Auburn-Lewiston Airport on Tuesday July 9, 2019 at 1800 hours.

The July meeting will be our Annual EAA Chapter 87 BBQ which again will be located at Tom Muller's and Russ Keith's hangers.

As a reminder this will be a potluck event for everyone to bring a dish to share with others and the club will be providing hamburgers and hot dogs and beverages.