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EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated March 12, 2012 Submitted by Richard DeVito – Secretary

The March meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1930.


Reading of the secretary’s report of the February 14 report was waived


The treasurer’s report for the period ending 2/29/12 was presented by Tom Muller. The chapter account balance stands at $6,342.64. Tom also provided a revised report for the period ending 1/31/12. The reports were accepted as presented.


Charlie Gabelmann reported on the Brunswick Fly In status, and main points follow:

Use of hangar 5 may be a problem due to fire safety issues. MRRA is working on this issue.

Keith Oliver agreed to as lead for a committee to erect fences etc. Volunteers are needed in several other areas.

A small fee for overnight camping is being considered.

Russell Keith will set up a simple display showing riveting techniques to demonstrate fabrication methods.

Leo Leclair stated that Ground operations needed dedicated golf carts. The chapter may also need a cart for Cliff Benjamin who will act as chapter coordinator. The members moved and approved rental of three (3) golf carts. The carts will be rented through a blanket rental by MRRA.


Mark Hayden nominated Haver Starway, and Richard DeVito nominated Kevin Thibedeau for chapter sponsorship to 2012 Ace Camp. Members moved and approved chapter payment for two (2) attendees. Parents may at the discretion of Mark and Richard, be asked to contribute up to $100.


Keith Oliver donated an EAA leather jacket to the chapter. Keith won the jacket at an EAA Vision of Eagles event and has worn the jacket only briefly. The chapter approved offering a raffle for the jacket at the June Fly In. Tickets will be available for $5.00 and Tom Muller agreed to handle the raffle. Craig Starr agreed to arrange signage.

Richard DeVito reported he has filed the annual corporate papers for the chapter with the State.

Cliff Benjamin distributed several papers related to chapter organization. These included a Generic EAA Chapter Survey, Chapter Insurance, Chapter By Law Guidelines, EAA Complimentary Trial Membership, Liability Waiver, Adult Orientation Flight Guidelines, a Chapter member list template, 2012 Calendar, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Members stated National has been soliciting donations from families that have participated in Young Eagle flights. Parents are not pleased.

Gary Bergendoff stated Bowdoinham will host a waterfront activity on June 23 involving fireworks and a tethered hot air balloon.

Russell Keith suggested the chapter consider a Young Eagles event in conjunction with the grand opening of the new Auburn Lewiston airport terminal.

Chapter 736 in Norridgewock has decided they will no longer host their annual Fly In due to lack of volunteers. The chapter may move to Pittsfield.

Tom Muller reported that Morris Shnur was recently diagnosed with small bowel cancer. This was discovered during recent surgery for Chromes disease. Get well cards can be sent to Morris at VA hospital, 950 Campbell Ave, West Haven, CT.

Keith Oliver has a challenger ultra light for sale with two (2) engines. Keith stated that the fuselage has never been flown. He is looking for offers.

Leo Leclair recently weighed Mark Long’s Sea Ray. He reported that the interior is very nice. The exterior is unpainted and ready for FAA inspection.


Mark Hayden with assistance from Craig Starr has completed one half of his horizontal stabilizer for his Rans RV 9.


The meeting was adjourned at 2100


The April meeting will be held at Brunswick Executive Airport (KBMX) on Tuesday April10, 2012, starting at 1930 hours

KBXM is the former site of the Brunswick Naval Air Station (BNAS). From the main entrance, proceed past the large airplane (P-3) on display on your left. If the gate is manned, you will need to stop at the gate house and tell them you are going to a meeting at Flight Level Aviation.

Go approximately 0.8 miles, and when you see the second large airplane (P-3), turn right just before it. The plane is just beyond where you will be turning and it is on the left side of the road.

Continue straight ahead and the road will take you around the far side of Hangar 6. Go in the door near the Flight level Aviation sign.

Google map directions can be found at: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Exit+31&daddr=43.9402848,-69.9791119+to:43.918862,-69.952388+to:43.90721,-69.91986+to:Unknown+road&hl=en&geocode=FbV5ngIdADTU-w%3BFbx5ngIdGTTU-ylb2Og3cHiyTDFqd9B_BUMGKQ%3BFQ4mngIdfJzU-ykfsDx3DIetTDFtJj7dmtiT1Q%3BFYr4nQIdjBvV-ylzfDW074atTDE3Y9yH8Gp8Mw%3BFQrdnQIdzvzU-w&mra=ls&via=1,2,3&sll=43.919659,-69.949436&sspn=0.086926,0.130291&ie=UTF8&ll=43.919782,-69.94772&spn=0.086926,0.130291&t=h&z=13