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EAA MEETING March 8,2016 Brunswick Executive Airport

7:30/pm Meeting called to order by President Charles Gabelmann

Due to the absent of Sec. his report was waived.

Treasurer report

Tom reported that dues have been coming in. About four members still outstanding. He reported on expenses paid out. A full report was printed out and will be turned over to Richard Devito on his return. Motion to accept E.Perkins seconded S. Royal, all in favor


President passed out 2015 Officer award to DJ Merrill for Chapter Web Editor. Fund rising for the chapter was discussed. D.J. will post on web site for ideas and will bring the results back to discuss next meeting.


Hampton Fly Market third weekend in May.

FAA Expo Nashua New Hampshire April 2,2016

FAA Seminar Preparing First Flight in a Homebuilt March 23,2016 L/A airport

Discussion on EAA Youth Policy and its effect on our Young Eagles Rally. Most members agree to do the training but a few will not do the back ground check. Unknown at this time how many pilots will do the back ground check because not all members were present at the meeting. Russ will check with other chapters in the state and see if they are having a shortage of qualified pilots. If so, maybe we can combine chapters and do a regional rally in the state. Russ will report back next month of his findings.


Don Card has finished the wings, rudder, horizontal stab and vertical fin on his Zenith Cruiser. He just picked-up the fuselage.

Russ Keith has installed an Apollo GX50 in his RV-9.

9:50/pm adjourn