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EAA Chapter 87

Minutes of Meeting Dated May 11, 2010

Submitted by Richard DeVito - Secretary

The May meeting was held at The Old Bowdoin School. President Charlie Gabelmann called the Meeting to order at 1920 with a quorum of Board Members in attendance.


Tom Muller reported a bank balance on 4/30/10 at $5,061.71. We have a total of 41 members with an additional 3 unpaid to date. Tom introduced Mark Libby as a new member. Leo Leclair made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and Mark Hayden seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.


Leo Leclair briefed the members on a possible second candidate for Ace Camp. His name is Zach Daigle and he is a high school senior. Zach is an Eagle Scout candidate, utilizes a flight simulator program, has participated in a Young Eagles flight and has demonstrated very good piloting skills. Mark Hayden made a motion to sponsor Zach for Ace Camp and Everett Perkins seconded it. The members were unanimous is selecting Zach for Ace Camp. The chapter will happily sponsor two candidates this year, Zach Daigle, and Josh Wardwell.


Everett Perkins confirmed that we would have a Young Eagles event at Wiscasset on June 19. Volunteer pilots and ground crews are needed. Please contact Everett at 841-2383 or eve@suscom-maine.net if you can help. For planning purposes, the chapter will also fly Young Eagles at Wiscasset on October 2 in conjunction with the 50th year anniversary celebration of the airport.


Gary Bergendoff reported that we could use the FHC facility (Old Bowdoin School) for our meetings, through the end of the year. Typically, users pay $50 to use the facility, although charges to the chapter have been waived. Gary suggested the chapter consider a donation to FHC for using the facility, and members agreed with his suggestion. Tom Muller made a motion that the chapter donated $250 to FHC for use of the facility. It was seconded by Leo Leclair and passed unanimously.


Leo Leclair reported Peter Webb from Rockland joined the chapter to use our scales to weigh his RV-9A. The aircraft is based in Belfast. Another builder of an RV-7 may join in the future for the same reason.


Leo Leclair reported that he was impressed with a boroscope offered by Harbor Freight. The unit is available for $100 with attachments for 2 cameras. It is similar to one owned by DJ Merrill, and should serve the chapter well. Tom Muller made a motion for Leo to purchase the Boroscope for $100. It was seconded by Richard DeVito and passed unanimously.


Charlie Gabelmann reported that we might get another aviation grant from State Farm Insurance, due to the efforts of Paul Caparratto.

Leo Leclair reported that he will not be able to process files for the chapter newsletter in the future. Leo did some of the work at BIW, but a recent change in their computer security system restricts use of attachments.

Mark Hayden will host his annual picnic and fly in at his field in Monmouth on Saturday August 21.


Craig Starr is building and RV-8 and is working on the horizontal and vertical stabilizers.

Dj Merrill has run his engine.

Leo Leclair is building the flap assemblies for a Glastar, and may help mount the wings.

Tom Muller is considering a float project and would consider partnering in a Zenith 701, 751, or 801.

Mark Libby is looking at a partially completed Cozy IV as well as a 95% complete project for a Quickie II.

Mark Hayden reported that Tom Fisher is working to bring his 601 Zenith in compliance with FAA mandated modifications.

Mark Long is building a 912 Sea Ray and is about 50% complete. The wings are done and he is expecting the engine to arrive soon.

Rick Hornbeck is building a 52 X 60 hangar.

Charlie Gabelmann sat in Everett Perkins 2 seat wood and fabric aircraft project. Pedals will be positioned to fit.


Everett Perkins made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Craig Starr seconded. The motion passed unanimously, and the meeting was adjourned at 2040.


The June meeting will be held on June 8 at the home of Craig Starr starting at 1900 hours. The address is 7 Bernie Hartford Rd, Leeds Maine 04263. It is the first house on the right and is Red Cedar. Craig’s phone contact is 207-619-1788.

Bernie Hartford Rd is off hwy 106, and 106 is off hwy 202 north of Lewiston. From the south, take hwy 196 from Topsham to Lewiston. In Lewiston, take a right onto Hwy 202 and proceed northbound. Just pass the Spring Brook Golf course, take a left onto hwy 106. Proceed about 3 ½ miles and take a right onto Bernie Hartford Rd. Craig’s house is the first one on the right, and it has a red cedar exterior.