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EAA Meeting May 14, 2013 Brunswick Landings (BXM) Hangar six

7:30/pm EAA Meeting called to order by President C. Gabelmann

Due to the absent of the secretary, a motion to wave the minutes were made by T. Muller seconded by E. Perkins all in favor.


Ace Camp check was sent to Haver Starway sum of $375.00 to help send him again to Ace Camp. Another student’s name was brought up for Ace Camp, Miss Leeman from Bath. President will contact and report back next month if she is interested.

EAA Chapter Annual Fly-In

1. Young eagles flights will begin 9:00-1:00

2. Tom and Russ will check on Insurance

3. FAA will hold two forums

4. A/C Parking CAP will assist

5. Food Vendor Marty has someone lined up.

6. Portable Toilets President will take care of.

7. Signage Marty is taking inventory of what he has. Tom and Russ will check to see what we’re missing.

8. Trailer offered by Marty for Y/E office during Fly-In

9. Set up will be discussed next month.




Tom Muller now has a Zenith CH 750 project. Tom states he has his builder table built.

Don Card says he has all his instruments in and is now working on the wiring for his CH 750 project.

Tom Fisher has his Zenith CH 601 hours flown off and is ready to fly it to Maine.

9:05/pm Meeting Adjourned

The June meeting will be held at Brunswick Executive Airport in hangar 6 at 1930 hours on June 11.