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EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated May 9, 2017 Submitted by Richard DeVito – Secretary

The May meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1910.


The April Meeting Minutes were approved as submitted on the chapter web site.


The Treasurer reported an April 30, 2017 checkbook balance of $6,477.73 with 39 paid members and 5 outstanding. The report was approved as submitted. Tom also reported he had filed the form 990 with the IRS for the 2016 tax year.


Charlie Gabelmann reported that he has not heard from Steve Welch as yet in reference to a May field trip to Bangor. Charlie will contact those members that have expressed an interest in attending if and when he hears from Steve.

Charlie also reported that the chapter could use youths 14 or over as volunteers for the upcoming Brunswick Air Show. Leo Leclair noted that we would not know our expected roles until after MRRA meets on the Air Show details.

The Hampton Fly In and Flea Market will be held on May 20 and 21. Based on prior policies it does not appear that any prior reservation is needed to sell aviation items at the Flea Market.

Tom Muller provided a check to Richard DeVito endorsed to Maine ACE Camp in the amount of $795. Richard will pass it to the parents of Austin Magliozzi to pay for his attendance the Bangor ACE Camp this year. The parents will pay the remaining $100.


Members discussed holding another raffle as a fund raiser for the chapter. Leo Leclair advised he would begin in September for a December drawing. Leo also felt we could do two drawings this year and could consider selling tickets at the Greeneville Fly In. Tom Muller felt the one drawing would be sufficient given our only major outlay is the ACE Camp sponsorship. Leo did advise that he may be retiring from BIW in the near future so this may be the last time selling tickets there.

Russell Keith advised that the east gate at Lewiston airport is now locked because someone had driven on the taxi ways. There is a key pad that will open the gates with entry of the proper 4 digit code. The code will be provided for any EAA event requiring entry. Russ also advised that a hot dog cook out and pot luck will be held each Friday at the east hangar area across from Tom Muller’s hangar.

It was also noted that Ray Lane from Maine Air Services is teaming with United Technologies Center to offer classes at Bangor to obtain an A&P license. Students will accrue 350 hours per semester toward the required 1900 hours for the license.

Mark Hayden advised his annual Fly In Picnic will be held on Saturday August 19.


Tom Muller reported he is working on his RV-9A in preparation of selling the plane. It needs some paint touch up and he has elected to source this outside. He has also completed some work on an Electronic ignition system

Dave Beemer reported he recently flew a make a wish flight for a cancer patient and an elderly lady taking her first flight. The airport initially advised Dave of a $95 airport charge, but waived it for the make a wish flight.

The meeting was adjourned at 2015.


The June meeting will be held on Tuesday June 13 at the Brunswick Executive Airport FBO commencing at 1900 hours.