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EAA MEETING September 8,2015

Brunswick Executive Airport

7:30/pm Meeting called to order by President Charles Gabelmann

Due to the absent of Sec. his report was waived.


Balance as of 6/30/15 $6,389.69


Petty cash $140.00

Membership $40.00

Interest earned $0.72

Total Deposits $180.72


ACE camp $930.00

Bicycle Box @ KBXM $51.00

Charlie – Refreshments at Seminar $15.06

2016 dues

Times Record ad $75.92

Total disbursements $1,071.43

Ending balance as of 8/31/15 $5,498.43

Motion made by E. Perkins seconded by L. LeClair all in favor


Discussion: Picnic at T. Muller’s hanger in July Chapter Fly-In at M. Hayden’s Emmitt Field in August BXM Air Show Labor Day weekend.( It was mentioned that at the next air show, chapter 87 should try and get as many homebuilts to be displayed in a special parking area just for homebuilts.)

No further old business brought forward.



EAA ULTRALIGHT CHAPTER Sanderson Field Greenland N.H. Sept. 19th rain date 20th.

MAINE POWERED PARACHUTES Merrymeeting field Bowdoinham Sept. 26th

Joint meeting with EAA Chapter 736 end of this month to look at Bruce Patton’s Thacher aircraft he is building. More information on date and time will be posted on our information web site. Any questions contact President.

T.Muller suggested that we hold our Christmas party early this year to accommodate those who go south for the winter. Most people agreed, will discuss at next month’s meeting.

Discussion was had about holding our next Young Eagles at Lewiston Auburn airport.

No further new business brought forward.


T.Muller has his control surfaces for his Zenith complete and is working on the slats.

R. Keith has installed a roll servo in his auto pilot on his RV 9. He says it is working quite well.

No other projects were brought forward.

Post Script:

Motion by T. Fisher to pay $295.00 to M. Hayden for tent and supplies at August Fly-In. Seconded L, LeClair. All in favor.

8:52/pm adjourn