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EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated Sept 12, 2017 Submitted by Richard DeVito – Secretary

The September meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1905 hours.


The Secretary report was approved as posted on the chapter web site.


Tom Muller reported a 31 August balance of $5,704.17 with a current membership of 42. The report was approved as submitted.


Charlie Gabelmann reported that Bob Bailey would not be doing the program for this meeting due to an illness. Bob will make his presentation at our October meeting.

Dj Merrill and Everett Perkins reported that they parked 35 aircraft on Saturday and 29 aircraft on Sunday during the Great State of Maine Air Show.

Leo Leclair reported that the Hot Crew delivered 4 drums of smoke oil during the air show. During the opening parachute drop on Friday’s performance, the hot crew was assigned to pick up the American flag before it struck the ground. Winds at the time were 13 to 15 knots, and the crew was unable to catch the flag before it hit the ground. The Marine crews assign the same task on Saturday, fared no better.

Dj Merrill reported that all comments from the air show organizers as to the hot crew performance were very positive.

Leo Leclair distributed tickets for the planned fundraising raffle. 100 tickets will be sold at $10/ticket for a chance on a $500 cash award. The drawing will take place on December 9 at our annual Christmas party. Leo stated that we missed an opportunity in not having the raffle tickets available during the air show. One of the vendors offered a ride down the length of the taxi way in a Lamborghini for $149 and they ran nonstop during the two days of the air show.


Charlie Gabelemann advised that we must provide a list of nominations for the 2017 chapter officers at the October meeting, and encouraged members to get involved.

Tom Muller expressed his appreciation to the members for all their support during his recent hospitalization

Russell Keith reported that the Lewiston Auburn outer marker is not working, and will be decommissioned.

The chapter annual Christmas party will be held in the FBO building at Brunswick Executive Airport on Saturday December 9 at 1700 hours.

Several members related their experiences with family doctors in obtaining a basic med signoff. Tom Fisher reported that he used an AME in Waterville for the basic med process with no problems. Contact details follow:

Elm City Medical Associates

Dr. Ronnie C. Marrache

109 Silver St

Waterville, ME 04901

Phone 207-619-4322


Tom Muller has set some rivets in his Zenith 750 and it helps with his rehab. He plans to move the project to his airport hangar once the RV-9A sells.

Tom Fisher and Mark Hayden will go down to Kentucky to install a mandatory elevator modification in his Zenair 601.

Jerry Crute reported his hangar at Wiscasset is still for sale.


The meeting was adjourned at 2020 hours.

The next meeting will be held at Brunswick Executive Airport (KBXM) in the FBO building on October 10 starting at 1900 hours