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                                        September 10, 2019 EAA meeting minutes 

EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated September 10, 2019 - Submitted by Roland Roy - Secretary

The September meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1900 hours.

A total of 10 members were present at tonight's meeting.


The Secretaries Report was not read aloud at tonight's meeting as members can read them online as posted on the EAA Chapter 87 website. A motion was made and then seconded and then passed overwhelmingly to accept the meeting minutes as recorded on the chapter meeting minutes webpage.


The Treasurers Report was not read aloud as Treasurer Tom Muller could not attend tonight's meeting.




A discussion ensued regarding the experiences of Leo LeClair and Roland Roy who attended this year's Greenville International Float Plane Fly-In.

John Light thanked both Russ Keith and David Beemer for their EAA Oshkosh Airventure Volunteer efforts as part ot the Vintage Aircraft (Pre-1970 aircraft) Flight Operations.

Brochures were handed out to members from Experimental Aircraft Exhaust.

Next month's EAA Chapter 87 meeting will involve nomination of Chapter Officers.

Vice President DJ Merrill brought up the concept of migrating EAA Chapter 87's website from DJ's personal web server to the EAA National web server as this is offered to all EAA Chapters nationwide. Discussion ensued to weigh the pros and cons of making this major change in hosting the Chapter's Webpage and also about posting online a physical address for snail mail and a generic email address for emails coming in from the general public.

President Charlie Gabelmann indicated that he was okay with having his personal address posted on the Chapter website for snail mail. As regards those emails coming in to the Chapter's generic email address, discussion followed with the suggestion that Chapter Officers could be forwarded those emails for proper response and distribution which would be done internally so as to not have each Chapter Officer's personal email addresses posted online.

A motion was made, then seconded and then passed overwhelmingly to authorize DJ Merrill to migrate Chapter 87's website from deej.net to the EAA National web hosting platform and follow the above suggested snail mail and email posting protocols.


Jerry Crute spoke about his experiences taking photographs of a Vintage Beaver Bush Plane.

Russ Keith noted that Chapter 87 has 4 FAA Safety Representatives who include: Charlie Gabelmann, Russ Keith, John Light, and Scott Royal.


The meeting was adjourned at 2005 hours.


The October meeting will be held at the Brunswick Executive Airport FBO on Tuesday October 8 at 1900 hours.