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EAA Chapter 87 NEWS Aug 2010

The next Chapter meeting will be held on

Saturday August 21st at Emmet Field in Monmouth.

Emmet field is Mark Hayden’s airstrip on 86 Old Lewiston road in Monmouth.

This is a combination Fly-in and Chapter meeting which is open to the public. Mark has lunch available so plan to be there late morning.

The July meeting was held on Tuesday the 13th @ Tom Muller’s hangar at KLEW. Weather threatened us throughout the evening but never materialized. Tom gave a condensed diatribe on what is available to pilots on extended cross country’s for weather via computer based and GPS technology. We had a small hot dog barbeque, and as with most off site meetings, attendance was quite strong. There was also a sneak peak available of the Glastar being mounted on floats, which is turning out to be a real challenge. I’ll save that for another time.


DJ’s Sportsman project has been moved to my house to help accelerate the projects progress, and will be the focus of the September meeting.

The Sportsman is a slightly larger version of my airplane with a larger payload. It has a large back door for access into the baggage area, or for a third and fourth seat. The area is cramped for adults, but would hold smaller framed people or children quite comfortably. If left strictly for baggage, the area is huge and the door makes for superb access.