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EAA Chapter 87 NEWS July 2011 by Leo LeClair

The next Chapter meeting will be held on Tuesday August 9th at Tom Muller’s hangar at KLEW

Like last year, we will hold a bar-b-que supper. The grille fires up at 6:00 P.M. Lunch will be provided by the Chapter. Similar to Brunswick, there are runway lights available for those that would like to fly in. While the August meeting was originally scheduled for the Emmit Fly-in, the membership voted at the July meeting to hold the bar-b-que as well. The hangar is located on the East Ramp, accessible through the walk in gate on Hotel Road adjacent to Mountain Machine, across from the old Green Turtle Restaurant. Walk through the gate and go to the left of the big white hangar to the smaller gold colored hangar complex.

A Young Eagles event was held on July 16th at KBXM. The Chapter flew 24 Young Eagles from Flight Level Aviation. Another event is scheduled for Sunday, August 21st at KLEW. Chapter 736 is also requesting pilots for their Young Eagles event to be held in conjunction with their “Everything That Flies, Fly-in”.

The final plans for the “Great State of Maine Air Show”, scheduled for August 25, 26 and 27, are well underway. Several Chapter 87 members are aligned for a number of volunteer positions. There are still positions open and it’s not too late to get involved. Along with the volunteers for the June fly-in, and the recent Young Eagles event, we as a Chapter have had a large impact on helping MRRA and Flight level Aviation bring KBXM to the public forefront. Great job by every one involved.

Don’t forget EAA 87’s Mark Hayden’s Emmit Field Fly-in on Sat Aug 20th. Come by for lunch and visit a while.