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EAA Chapter 87 NEWS June 2011 by Leo LeClair

The next Chapter meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 12th @ 7:30 P.M. at Flight Level Aviation in Brunswick

A couple of amphibs on the ramp at the Brunswick Fly-in and Open House:

A couple of amphibs on the ramp at the Brunswick Fly-in and Open House

What was a dismal and wet spring season with no promises of breaking, managed to pause long enough for everyone to get the First Annual Brunswick Fly-In and Open House behind us. The event was a huge success.

The official count published on the AOPA newsletter was 294 aircraft. This did not count the airplanes that arrived before Saturday, nor the 7 powered parachutes and one hot air balloon that arrived just as the airspace started to get really crowded.

Craig Fuller, President of AOPA hosted a pilot’s town meeting and packed the house. All the seats were full. I really can’t report much else on this, as I was busy with other activities and missed it entirely.

Several Chapters participated in the homebuilt display area. There were partially completed project airplanes parked with completed airplanes giving the general public the ability to see how a plane really looks like during its gestation period, and what it can actually become when completed.

Members of several Chapters acted as Judges for the aircraft Judging competition. There were a total of 10 judges of which 3 were from Chapter 87. We looked at some very impressive airplanes.

3 categories were presented 1st place trophies and three Judges Choice trophies were given in 2 categories:

Homebuilt Kit plane

First Place: Peter Webb RV9-A

Judges Choice; Ben Brown Highlander

Judges Choice; Phillip Patch RV-4

Vintage Aircraft

First Place: Bob Erickson Cessna L-19 Birddog

Judges Choice; Tim Hodgkin 1958 Apache on Whipline floats

Light Sport

First Place; Unknown Gobosh from Sanford Me.

There were no entries for Rotorcraft, Ultra-light or Plans Built Experimental

The plans for next years 2 day fly-In is already underway and it promises to even bigger and better. Stay tuned for updates.