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EAA Chapter 87 News March 2011

The Brunswick International Fly-In to be held on June 4th 2011 is taking shape. Many people are working very hard to pull this off. Chapter 87 will be involved in an aircraft judging event, and there will also be an exhibition of experimental aircraft projects and completed aircraft in an area that will have displays from other chapters as well. This exhibition coordination is being headed up by Tom Muller.

The aircraft judges are made up of ten people from 5 different Chapters. 3 judges are from Chapter 87. Everett Perkins, Craig Starr and Leo Leclair

The Maine Aviators Association is planning a booth focusing on a membership drive with handouts and a complimentary bag of eco friendly popcorn (Sorry Lisa, I don’t remember what you called it!) seasoned with sea salt.

Vendors will be onsite to provide food services from breakfast through lunch and dinner as well. There will be a live bluegrass band in the hangar.

MRRA, has advertised this event as far as 500 miles from Brunswick. Responses from as far away as Florida have been received. The event will be held rain or shine.

MRRA has issued a request for volunteers to help set up on Friday the 3rd, to help with displays and anything else that needs to be completed. Please find time to get involved and lend a hand. The full support of the aviation community is absolutely crucial for this event to be a success. Don’t assume some one else will do it. The payback will be an event we can all be proud of and an event that we can look forward to enjoying on a yearly basis. The opportunity to grow this event as a regional fly-in on par with some of the popular fly-ins in the country such as Copperstate and Arlington is at our fingertips. There is no more perfect location in the Northeast for this than the Brunswick Executive Airport. The facility is massive and free of the complications of controlled airspace found at the larger fly-ins. Remember, Brunswick is the only uncontrolled airspace in the U.S. with two 8000 foot parallel runways and two control towers.