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EAA MEETING April 15, 2015

Brunswick Executive Airport

7:30/pm Meeting called to order by President Charles Gabelmann

Due to the absence of Treasurer and Secretary, their reports were waived.


FLY-IN President Gabelmann went over meeting that he, DJ and Everett had with Marty last month. We will be responsible for the FAA seminar and the Young Eagle Flights. Marty will take care of the vendors including the food vendors.

Ace camp We will check with Richard DeVito next month to see if he has a candidate.

No further old business brought forward.


Everett Perkins made a motion that any EAA Youth membership members be excluded from paying chapter 87 membership dues. Seconded by D.J., all in favor. We now have three new youth memberships in Chapter 87. Mason Mellor, Devin Dauphin and Matthew Chandler.

President went over the progress of the third class medical petition with members.

President was asked by Lisa Reece if the chapter would like to sell the lunch for their poker run at BXM next month on May 16, 20015. Membership declined.

No further new business brought forward.


D.J. is very close to installing an electronic ignition in his aircraft. He will still maintain the mag ignition on the left side.

Don Card has five hours left to fly off on his forty hour phase one testing of his Zenith 750. He has already started building his second project, a Zenith 750 cruiser.

No further projects brought forward.


Russ Keith showed us a video of the smoke system he installed on his RV 9A.

Everett Perkins brought in a ramp and soak controller that he built to show members. The device is used to control the amount of heat in setting up composite material.

9:10/pm adjourn