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EAA Chapter 87 Minutes of Meeting Dated November 8, 2016 Submitted by Richard DeVito – Secretary

The November meeting was held at Brunswick Executive Airport. President Charlie Gabelmann called the meeting to order at 1900 hours.


The Secretaries report was not read since it was previously published on the chapter web site. It was accepted as published.


Tom Muller reported that the bank balance on 10/31/16 was $5772.21. We currently have 48 members in the chapter. The report was accepted as submitted


Chapter members elected the following individuals as Officers for 2017. It was approved unanimously.

President Charlie Gabelmann

Vice President Dj Merrill

Secretary Richard DeVito

Treasurer Tom Muller

Young Eagles Coordinator Russell Keith

Newsletter Editor Mark Hayden

Class A Director Scott Royal

Class B Director Everett Perkins

Class C Director Leo Leclair


The annual Christmas party will be held on Dec 10 at 1700 hrs in the upstairs conference room at Brunswick Executive Airport FBO facilities. This will be our only meeting for December.

Leo Leclair reported that in support of our fund raising, we plan to sell 100 raffle tickets at $10.00 each with $500 awarded to the winner. Leo felt he can sell 46 tickets and asked for support of the members for the remaining 52 tickets. An unknown number of tickets were requested by the members. All proceeds will be given to Leo at the Dec 10 Christmas party and the drawing will be held on that date.


Bob Bailey, the Owls Head Transportation Museum Aviation Curator had offered to give a presentation to our members in December. Members suggested this be done at a later date.

MRRA is planning a 2017 air show on Aug 26 and 27. It will feature the Blue Angels and will be held every other year going forward.

Everett Perkins reported he will be picking up more aircraft parts from the Owls Head Transportation Museum. These will be sold with the chapter sharing proceeds 50/50 with the museum.

Leo Leclair suggested we print a banner for our fundraising that we can display at different aviation events. Members voted to provide Leo $200 for the banner. If costs exceed that amount, Leo was asked to come back to the chapter for any increased expenditure

Russell Keith plans to take his Instrument check ride at Sanford within the next few days.

Charlie Gabelmann reported he is still awaiting a FAA decision on his medical.


Dj Merrill reported he now has the floats for his Glastar in his shop.

Tom Muller reported he has completed the second wing for his Zenith 750 Stol and has the fuel tanks pretty much completed. He plans to replace one rib due to a drilling mistake. Tom feels he will need help mounting the wings, but for now has them stored in his garage. Several members volunteered to assist when he is read to mount the wings..

Don Card reported he has finished the empennage for his Zenith Cruzer and the rudder cables are in. He will need to dismantle the wings to facilitate moving the plane out of his garage, and he may need help with the wings. Don also reported that he had an incidence in his Zenith 750 with an oil pressure drop to about 20 PSI. He made a precautionary landing and everything looked OK. He is trying to ascertain the root cause for the drop in oil pressure.

Richard DeVito reported that Flighttime has obtained a 1977 Cessna 172 N (N73768) to replace their current 1976 Cessna 172 M (N9870Q). 70Q has been listed for sale on Barnstormers and they have received a $1,000 deposit for the sale pending a pre buy inspection.

Mark Hayden reported he flew his Cessna 150 to Durango Colorado in September


Members were pleased to have Camille Cyr in attendance.


The meeting was adjourned at 2030.


The December meeting will consist of the annual Chapter Christmas Party, and will be Pot Luck. Presents will not be exchanged. All members along with wives and significant others are encouraged to attend. The party will be held on Saturday December 10th in the upstairs meeting room in the terminal building at Brunswick Executive Airport (KBXM) commencing at 1700 hours.

The Chapter will provide plates, glasses, cups, napkins, soft drinks, etc. Alcohol is allowed but members must bring their own drinks. Please bring a salad, main dish, or dessert that will serve six.